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Mother’s Day Handbag Patterns – Summer Amigurumi Crochet Bundle

Mother's Day handbag blog roundup

Mother's Day handbag blog roundup

















Have you done your Mother’s Day shopping yet? Here is an amazing collection from 6 indie designers who have joined me to offer these handbag designs for your Mother’s Day crocheting. Starting at the center top and working in clockwise position:

Floral Handbag Crochet Pattern

Row 1: With MC yarn, ch 43, hdc in 2nd ch and each ch across (42 hdc).

Rows 2-9: Ch 1, turn, inc in first st, hdc across (50 hdc at end of Row 9).

Rows 10-28: Ch 1, turn, hdc in each st.

Row 29: Ch 1, turn, hdc across in BLO.

Rows 30-38: Ch 1, turn, hdc in each st (both loops).

Row 39: Ch 1, turn, hdc across in BLO.

NOTE: Rows 29-39 will be the bottom of the purse.

Rows 40-58: Ch 1, turn, hdc in each st (both loops).

Rows 59-66: Ch 1, turn, dec over first 2 sts, hdc across (42 hdc at end of Row 66). Fasten off.

SIDES: (Make 2)

Row 1: With MC yarn, make 7 hdc through keyring.

Row 2: Ch 1, inc first st, hdc across, inc last st (9 hdc).

Row 3: Repeat Row 2 (11 hdc).

Rows 4-7: Ch 1, turn, inc first st, hdc across (15 hdc at end of Row 7).

Rows 8-24: Ch 1, turn, hdc in each st. Fasten off.

Fold body of purse in half lay it and sides on paper and trace around to make pattern for lining.

Pin sides to purse – Row 24 of side to Rows 29 and 39 of purse, Row 3 of side to Rows 6 and 60 of purse. Leave rows 1-2 and keyring unattached.

Attach CC yarn at corner where purse Row 29 meets side Row 24. With bottom of purse on top of the side, sc through both thicknesses to attach sides to purse.


Continue in sc across bottom of purse and bottom of side. Turn to attach other side working through both thicknesses.



Continue across the edges of Rows 1-5 (single thickness) with 2 sc in the end of Row 1. Continue across top with 1 sc in each remaining loop of beginning ch.


Continue in sc down the other side in the same manner to attach the second side piece.



Make as many flowers as you would like in as many colors as you would like. Each flower uses 9 yards of yarn.

Rnd 1: Ch 2 (or magic ring), 6 sc in 2nd ch. Do not join.

Rnd 2: 2 sc in each st (12 sc). Join with sl st.

Rnd 3: *Ch 3, 3 dc in sc, ch 3, sl st in same sc,* sk next sc, sl st in next sc,* repeat 5 times (6 petals).

Sew petals to one side of purse (or both sides).


Lay out the pattern piece you created on matching fabric and cut, allowing ½” seam allowance on all sides. Place the bottom of the purse body pattern piece on the fold to create one solid piece for the purse body and 2 side pieces. Cut matching pieces of fusible interfacing. Iron interfacing to wrong side of fabric.

Sew purse body to purse sides and zigzag all raw edges. Place into purse with wrong sides facing and sew in place.

Fold chain in half and attach one lobster clasp to each side. Clip them onto keyrings.

PDF dowload available at

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Summer Amigurumi Bundle

amigurumi bundle

















I am so excited to join 15 other indie designs in the SUMMER AMIGURUMI BLOG HOP hosted by Anvi’s Granny Handicrafts.  Each day will feature a different amigurumi design you can download free. To see other patterns in the hop, please visit Anvi’s Granny Handicrafts.

Sunday’s featured pattern is Krystal the Crab by Crafting at the Poole




If you are a busy crocheter and cannot come back every day to download the free patterns, Joy has put together an exclusive pattern bundle for you including all 16 amigurumi patterns for 80% off.

Summer Amigurumi Pattern Bundle


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Half price crochet patterns on Etsy:

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