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Preemie Crochet Challenge 2021

Welcome to the Preemie Crochet Challenge 2021!

Helen Wilkinson from Sunflower Cottage Crochet is hosting her Preemie Crochet Challenge again this year. Each day a new baby crochet pattern by an indie designer will be featured. For each pattern you download, we are asking for one item to be donated to a charity for preemies or hospital of your choice.

Last year was absolutely fantastic, and the support and pledges from other designers and crocheters within the crochet community was fabulous. We are hoping that 2021 will be no different! Our goal is to surpass the pledge count from last year (which was over 22,000 pledges!) and are aiming for over 30,000 this year!

You can read about why this challenge means so much to us at Sunflower Cottage Crochet HQ here


  1. Each day at 8am London time, the blog post will be updated with that day’s featured pattern.
  2. I will give you the code and links you need. If the designer has a blog, you will be directed there for more information about the pattern; if not you will be taken directly to Ravelry.
  3. You will decide if you would like that pattern.
  4. By accepting the free PDF download, you are pledging to donate at least one made item from that pattern to a Preemie charity/organization/NICU/family of your choosing.
  5. The patterns below will be categorized as the event progresses to make it easier for you to establish which patterns are still available, which are available free on the designers blog, and which are now only paid patterns. The first pattern will be the featured pattern for that day.

We have kept a round up of last year’s patterns that were donated to the challenge for your reference. Many of the patterns are still available free on the designers blog and a couple will always be free on Ravelry! You can check out that post here.

To see a slideshow of featured designs, click here:

Today’s featured pattern – Easy Crochet Blanket by Underground Crafter

Marie has donated this pattern to us for the challenge this year! Marie refers to this as an easy crochet blanket, so it is suitable for all skill levels. You could pick out a couple of colors to use, go with one or literally just grab your scrap bucket and get making!  Once you have made one to donate you could easily keep going and make a bigger scrapghan! Oh my goodness, the possibilities are endless!

More Designs for Baby

Angel Baby Rattle

Firefighter’s Jacket Baby Sweater crochet pattern, NB-3M, 6-9M or 12-18M sizes with axe rattle pattern

Flashlight Baby Rattle Crochet Pattern

Viking Axe Rattle Crochet Pattern

Impact Wrench Baby Rattle Crochet Pattern

Military Baby Sweaters Crochet Patterns Ebook – Air Force, Green Camo Fatigue, Coastal Military, Marine Corps, Sailor

$2 Tuesday

School Bus Toddler Hoodie Crochet Pattern, Sizes 2, 4, 6
School Bus Toddler Hoodie Crochet Pattern, Sizes 2, 4, 6 


Have you started your back-to-school crochet yet? Get started with this adorable School Bus Hoodie for your little one’s first day of kindergarten. On sale for $2.00 today only!

School Bus Toddler Hoodie Crochet Pattern, Sizes 2, 4, 6

Coming Attractions

  • Patreon subscription to be updated with all new patterns for August. Subscribe at the $25 level to receive a free gift with your crochet kit.
  • Have you tried Premier’s new Chameleon yarn yet? New pattern coming soon!
  • August 7-12 – New Amigurumi Bundle from Anvi’s Granny
  • August 9-14 – Home Crochet Bundle from Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

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In Case You Missed It in July

Melted Snowman Ornament

Narwhal Ornament Crochet Pattern

Learn to Crochet an Octopus

What Do You Get When You Cross an Octopus with a Tomato?

Happy Birthday Gift Tags

Handmade with Love Gift Tags

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