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How to Unwind After a Demanding Day

After spending a grueling day at the computer, I relax on the couch and turn on the television. Within a few minutes, Bruno realizes that my work day is finished, and he brings me one of his toys. We play fetch for a few minutes until he gets bored with it, and then I start making dinner.

After dinner, crochet is my solace – the best way I know to unwind and relax. Currently I’m making myself a rainbow cardigan to wear next month to a fashion show in Edmunton.

My favorite items to crochet are children’s clothing and amigurumi (toys). Quick projects give me a better sense of fulfillment, but occasionally I make larger items like a blanket or adult sweater.

Rainbow Triceratops Baby

Firefighter's Jacket Baby Sweater

Firefighter’s Jacket Baby Sweater crochet pattern 


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