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Here are 30 things that make me happy

venice beach

Spending time with my family and friends



animal pattern roundup






pink camo sweater

Creating something new



Garden of the GodsBeing in nature




Going to concerts



Listening to music



Traveling to a new place



Eating delicious food



Playing with my pet



spurs hat


Watching sports



snorkeling pig


Sometimes when I make something new, it makes me giggle!



Christmas Patterns





halloween patterns






Learning new things

Achieving a goal

Reading a good book

Watching a funny movie

Laughing until my sides hurt

Making someone else smile

Feeling grateful for what I have

Seeing the beauty in the world

Making progress towards my dreams

Feeling loved and supported

Letting go of negative thoughts.

Making a difference in the world


Babies laughing

Dog videos on Tiktok

Scrolling through Instagram and seeing all the lovely crochet designs

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