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2023 Crochet Resolutions

crochet resolutions

Have you made your resolutions yet for the new year? I’ve created a PDF for you to download to give you a head start.


2023 Crochet Resolutions



I WANT TO START: Now that the pandemic is pretty much behind us, I would like to start traveling again and visiting local yarn stores.

I WANT TO STOP: For many fiber artists, the answer here would be “buying yarn for no reason.” This was my resolution a couple of years ago, and I’m proud to say that I’ve done pretty well with it. What I really need to stop doing is taking screen shots of knit items because I want to crochet them. Yes, this was my resolution last year, and I failed miserably. 🤷‍♂️

I WANT TO LEARN: Mosaic crochet

I WANT TO SHARE: More YouTube videos. My channel is currently at 884 subscribers – so close to my goal of 1000 subscribers! I plan on creating one new tutorial every week. Do you have anything in particular you would like to see? Visit my YouTube channel and let me know.

I WANT TO ORGANIZE: When we moved into this house last summer, many of my crafting supplies were just shoved into cabinets in the office. I would like to organize them better so I know what I have. It’s so frustrating to go buy something at the store, only to find out a week later that I already had it.

I WANT TO MAKE: a difference in my new hometown. I need to get more involved and find a charity that could use some of my crocheted items.

I WANT TO FINISH: For most of us, the answer is “finish all my WIPs.” I’m proud to say I ended the year with only one unfinished project. It’s a holiday design, so I will likely finish it in the fall.

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Polar Bear Butt Ornament Crochet Pattern


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