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Future Travel Plans

I love to travel!! So far I have visited 30 states in the U.S., and my goal is to see all 50. Several countries are also on my bucket list, too. So far this year I have visited Bahamas and Canada. Ireland and Spain are next up on the list.

I really love visiting local yarn shops and creating a crochet design specific to that area.









balanced rock cowl
Colorado Springs
peachy queen









Monterrey, Mexico
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Trip to the Bahamas

Last week was the annual company trip for my husband’s employer – Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Travel went smoothly for the trip there, although we had to be at the airport at 3:30 a.m. to check in. Once we arrived, there were buses to take us to the Riu resort. We arrived before check-in time, so our group was escorted to a lounge area to fill out the necessary paperwork and sign into the hotel’s wi-fi. Bartenders greeted us with tall glasses of tropical drinks (orange juice, pineapple juice, rum, vodka). Then we were shown the dining room for the lunch buffet and instructed to return after 3 p.m. to officially check in.
Unfortunately, the guests in our assigned room still had not checked out, so we waited another hour to get into our room. In the meantime, we used the hotel’s app to check out the dining options for dinner. Everything was booked up, but the concierge felt bad that we were waiting so long, so she got us a reservation to the Bahamas Steakhouse.
Finally we made it to the room and took a short nap before showering and changing for dinner. The steakhouse was so nice! There are several entree selections on the menu, and we both picked the surf & turf. The salad course is chicken Caesar salad, and the appetizer course is crab cakes. I was already getting full, and then our main course arrived. It was a large plate with a beef filet, shrimp, and grilled vegetables. Then the waiter brought two baskets of fried potato wedges and dinner rolls. Dessert also had 3 options. So much food!
The next day was a company excursion – 100 of us on a 65′ catamaran party boat. The boat went out a few miles to a reef for snorkeling. I’m not much of a water person, so I stayed on the boat, but everyone  who got in the water really enjoyed themselves. Then another few miles out to the small island that was the location for filming Gilligan’s Island.


We spent about an hour there so the passengers could get off enjoy the beach. They even had a floating bar!! Then it was time to head back to the marina, and that’s when the party got started. The DJ turned up the volume, and the crew started to dance. It ended in a conga line going around the boat, then upstairs to make a circle around the top deck. Such a beautiful day!


I didn’t realize that shoes aren’t allowed on the boat, so I didn’t think to put sunscreen on my feet. My new hat came in very handy, though.


Pride Floppy Hat Crochet Pattern


That evening was the company dinner at Viola’s Bar and Grill. Again, the food was excellent and plentiful. Appetizers were conch ceviche, chicken wings, and bruschetta. Then we got in the serving line where the cook was grilling steaks and corn on the cob and had baked potatoes and lobster macaroni and cheese in a warmer. The next table was full of all sorts of side dishes along with conch tacos, then a table full of desserts. It seems like Bahamians love to feed people!

There was a calypso band playing throughout dinner and a man who played the saw. He made the rounds of the tables making the men play his saw. Next was a group of Junkanoo dancers. Words just can’t describe how beautiful!

Then came the fire dancer!!

The next two days we were on our own to enjoy the island in our own way. We did a little bit of exploring, but there are many more sites I would love to see if I ever get a chance to go back to Nassau.

The Bahamian people are simply lovely! Everywhere we went, we were greeted as though we were their neighbors. Conversation is easy, and they love to brag on their island. It was an incredible vacation that I feel so fortunate to have experienced.

Mae’s Flowers Blog Hop

Crafty Patti – Sunflower Summer Crochet Pattern

This lovely sunflower is perfect for home decor or without the stem that can be used as an applique.

Visit the Mae’s Flowers Blog Hop link below to get a copy of the FREE crochet pattern!

C2C Creations Blog Hop



Have you ever learned C2C?  It’s super simple!

For a limited time you can get these patterns bundled together in the C2C Creations Bundle!

These patterns will be offered as free downloads – a new one daily- throughout May as part of the C2C Creations blog hop.


Day 2 – Potted Blooms Wall Hanging

by Amelia Makes

This is a C2C wall hanging of pink and blue flowers growing in a pot. You can customize the flowers as you’d like (maybe use yellow yarn if you’re a sunflower fan or red for roses?). If you’ve got a green thumb, you’ll love adding this hanging to your plants corner!

This download is offered differently than the one yesterday. Look for a section of large text followed by an email sign-up form with red lettering and an orange. Fill out that form and the pdf will be sent to you.

Hope you enjoy!

Crochet to Donate Challenge

Join 17 fantastic designers as we give away patterns in the Crochet to Donate Challenge!

Check your stash and grab those part used skeins and odd skeins you have lying around and let’s support our local communities!


Mary Beth has this great fidget toy pattern!

Fidget toys are great gift or donation ideas for schools, emergency services, residential homes for the elderly and so much more!


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