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Impact Wrench Baby Rattle Crochet Pattern

Drill Baby Rattle Crochet Pattern - Impact Wrench Rattle Crochet Pattern
Drill Baby Rattle Crochet Pattern – Impact Wrench Rattle Crochet Pattern

Since today is Collector Car Appreciation Day, I thought it would be fun to post a cute pattern I designed a few years ago, a baby rattle shaped like an impact wrench. It can be crocheted using cotton or polyester worsted, but I prefer I Love This Cotton for baby toys. It makes a great baby shower gift for expectant parents who are car enthusiasts, NASCAR fans, and automotive technicians, and even serves as a drill rattle for a future dentist.

Impact wrench rattle measures approximately 3 1/4” x 5”


Sport yarn or cotton worsted –

2 oz. gray

Few yards black

Size F (3.75 mm) crochet hook


Yarn needle

Rattle insert column


Rnd 1: With black yarn, ch 2, 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook. Do not join.

Rnd 2: 2 sc in each st (12 sc).

Rnd 3: Working in back loops only, sc in each st around. Do not join.

Rnds 4-7: Working in both loops, sc in each st around. At the end of Rnd 7, join with sl st. Fasten off black.

Rnd 8: Attach gray yarn, *sc in next st, 2 sc in each of next 2 sts* repeat around (18 sc). Do not join.

Rnd 9: *Sc in each of next 5 sts, 2 sc in next st,* repeat around (18 sc).

Rnd 10: *Sc in each of next 6 sts, 2 sc in next st,* repeat around (24 sc).

Rnd 11: *Sc in each of next 7 sts, 2 sc in next st,* repeat around (27 sc).

Rnd 12: *Sc in each of next 8 sts, 2 sc in next st,* repeat around (30 sc). Join with sl st.

Rnd 13: Working in back loops only, sc in each st around.

Rnds 14-23: Working in both loops, sc in each st around. At end of Rnd 23, join with sl st.

Rnd 24: Working in back loops only, *sc in each of next 3 st, dec,* repeat around (24 sc). Do not join.

Rnd 25: Working in both loops, *sc in each of next 2 st, dec,* repeat around (18 sc). Fill with Fiberfil and rattle insert.

Rnd 26: *Sc in next st, dec,* repeat around (12 sc).

Rnd 27: Dec around (6 sc). Fasten off leaving length for sewing. Thread through yarn needle and weave through last 6 sts. Pull tight to close opening and sew closed.


Rnd 1: With gray yarn, ch 2, 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook. Do not join.

Rnd 2: 2 sc in each st around (12 sc).

Rnd 3: Sc in each st. Continue to work even in sc until piece measures 2 ½”.

Next rnd: *Sc in each of next 2 sts, 2 sc in next st,* repeat around (18 sc).

Last rnd: *Sc in each of next 3 sts, 2 sc in next st,* repeat around (24 sc). Fasten off leaving length for sewing.


With black yarn, ch 13. Join with sl st to form ring. Sc in each ch. Continue to work even on 13 sc until piece measures 1 1/2’”. Slide over handle and sew in place. Stuff handle firmly and sew to bottom of wrench body.

The matching baby auto mechanic sweater is also available at My Fingers Fly which includes the sweater and rattle patterns.

auto mechanic sweater

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National Kitten Day

Who doesn’t love a cute little kitten? Several months ago, I published the Addi Fat Cat Pattern. He’s adorable and makes a quick project to use up your stash. Also in the cat world, this Kittens in a Row Afghan is currently 40% off on Etsy.

Head Start on Halloween 

I know it’s the middle of summer, and the heat that goes along with it sometimes limits our crojo. Try making a few small projects that won’t cover you in yarn. My mind has been set on Halloween lately, and I came up with this spooky plague masks for Halloween using I Love This Cotton yarn.

My Fingers Fly
Electric Waves Plague Mask
My Fingers Fly
Colorful Plague Mask

Halloween projects are so much fun – I’m looking forward to doing a few more in the next couple of months.

Coming Up:

In two weeks I will publish a special blog post for Christmas in July. Several other designers will be joining me to offer free Christmas patterns so you can get a head start on your holiday crafting. By that time, my new A to Z Animal Crochet book will be available on my website, Amazon, and Etsy. It will feature over 50 animal patterns – from home decor to Christmas ornaments to plush toys to silly hats.

Happy Crocheting!

There are still a few days left to take advantage of my 50% off crochet pattern sale. Use coupon code CGOA for any crochet pattern or ebook at My Fingers Fly.






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Mission Inn, Riverside – Bald Eagle Crochet Potholder – Labor Day Sale

Here I am, sitting at the airport waiting to start another California adventure. This time I will be going to Riverside and staying at the historic Mission Inn. It was built as a boarding house in 1876 and was designated as a historic landmark in 1977. Several wings have been added over the years, including the Cloister, the Spanish Wing, and the Rotunda Wing. The oldest bell in Christendom (dated 1247) is currently housed at the Mission Inn.

Mission Inn Courtyard

I am so looking forward to exploring this beautiful inn and the surrounding Riverside community. What new designs will this trip inspire? I promise to take lots of photos and post them next week.

This week includes both Labor Day and V-J Day on September 2. V-J Day celebrates the day that Japan surrendered to the U.S. to end World War II on September 2, 1945. To honor the veterans of that war and all U.S. veterans, this week’s free pattern is a Bald Eagle Potholder.  Eagle Plushie Crochet Pattern is also available. 

For PDF download, click here


Peaches & Crème cotton worsted yarn

     ½ oz. brown

     ½ oz. white

     Few yards gold

     1 yd black

Crochet hook size J

Yarn needle


Row 1: With double strand of brown yarn, ch 16. Sc in 2nd ch from hook and each of th enext 14 chs (15 sc).

Rows 2-5: Ch 1, turn, sc in each st.

Rows 6-7: Ch 1, turn, dec, sc across (13 sc). Fasten off brown.

Row 8: Switch to white yarn. Ch 1, turn, sc in 1st st, *sk next st, 3 dc in corresponding st of Row 6, sk next st, sc in next st,* repeat twice.

Rows 9-10: Ch 1, turn, dec, sc across, dec (9 sc).

Rows 11-13: Repeat Row 6 (6 sc).

Rows 14-17: Ch 1, turn, sc in each st.

Row 18: Repeat Row 9. Fasten off white.


With right side facing, attach brown yarn at side of Row 7. Ch 1, sc in same st. Sc in each row end with 2 sc in last row end. Sc in each unused loop of beg ch with 2 sc in last ch. Continue up side with sc, changing to white at Row 8. Sc around head in same manner with 3 sc in corners. At center top of head, ch 6, sl st in same st for hanging loop.


With double strand of gold yarn, ch 4. Counting backwards on white sts, in 7th st from brown section, sl st in 7th st. Sc in 1st ch, 2 sc in next ch, sc in next ch, 3 sc in next ch. Working on opposite side of ch, dec, sc in last ch. Sl st in next white st on head. Fasten off with 12” length. Use this length for straight sts to better define the beak.

Use double strand of black to make French knot for the eye. Weave in all ends.

Stay tuned for October’s release – Kitchen Crochet Pattern 2020 Calendar – which will include the bald eagle along with 11 other patterns to make for your kitchen.

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There’s still time to get 15% off all crochet-themed gifts – t-shirts, leggings, tote bags, and coffee mugs. Use coupon code LABORDAY through 9/2/2019.

With the holidays coming up, I will have several new patterns. As always, pattern testers are needed. See my Facebook group for more information.

Happy travels and happy crocheting!


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Free Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern for Mother’s Day

This week has been a busy one for me preparing the launch of a new section of my store – fiber-themed t-shirts and accessories. It’s always exciting to start a new venture, but it can be intimidating, too. My Fingers Fly will now offer t-shirts, coffee cups, tote bags, and more with silly crochet characters. Use code FRIENDS&FAMILY for 15% off t-shirts.

Love Crochet, Owl Always Love Yarn, Yarnicorn, Flamingo Fiber Artist

After my recent posting about TSA rules and what fiber artists can carry on a plane, my sister found this wonderful tool. I’m going to order one and try it out on my next trip.

Yarn Cutter Pendant

Next week will be National Police Week (May 13 to May 19, 2019). One of my favorite baby patterns is the Police Baby Sweater with a donut-shaped baby rattle. The sweater is crocheted in baby weight yarn and can be personalized with any color uniform you choose.

Through Sunday, May 12, this pattern and all crochet patterns in my Etsy shop are on sale for 99 cents. Time to stock up!

For the procrastinators who didn’t order Mom’s gift in time, you can still get the Kindle version of Poems for Mothers.

There’s also still time to crochet a gift for mom. The Lacy Infinity Scarf works up quickly in one evening and can be made with any yarn you have in your stash.

PDF download available at


Approximately 5 oz. worsted yarn  

Crochet hook size J

Yarn needle


Row 1: Ch 25, dc in 5th ch from hook (counts as dc and ch 1), *sk 1 ch, dc next ch, ch 1* repeat from *.

Row 2: Ch 4, *dc in ch-1 space, ch 1,* repeat from * across. Dc in ch-4 space.

Repeat Row 2 until scarf measures 60”.

Last row: Ch 1, turn. Sl st last row and 1st row together.

Fringe: Cut 12” lengths of yarn. Insert hook in end of row from top to bottom and pull through 3 pieces of yarn and knot.

I hope your mother enjoys wearing it as much as you’ll enjoy making it!

Wishing you all a happy Mother’s Day and happy crocheting!

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