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Happy Birthday!!!

birthday gift tags

Another year has come and gone, and this one has been rough. What I thought was a pulled muscle in my back causing pain turned out to be a symptom of gallstones. Today I am 3 weeks post cholecystectomy, and I’m pretty much back to feeling normal. Well, normal for my age anyway. Yes, I’m at the age now where things just don’t work as well as I would like. Fortunately, I have this little crochet business which allows me to work my own schedule. As the story goes, I’m working 80 hours a week for myself in order to avoid working 40 hours a week for someone else! The great part is most of that time is spent crocheting, which really isn’t work to me at all. Enough about me! Today I have some more gift tags for you to download, this time Birthday Tags.

birthday gift tags


Happy Birthday Gift Tags

More Gift Tags

gift tags to download


More Gift Tags to Download

Super Squishy Pillow & Plushie Crochet Patterns Ebook

These designs have been so much fun to make!

Squishy is in this year, and these pillow and plush toy designs take squishy to the ultimate level. Use super bulky Bernat blanket yarn to crochet some ultra soft amigurumis and decorative pillows. Imagine a Horny Toad Cushion in your game room. Your favorite feminist will treasure a Pink Power Pillow in her living room (including sign language I Love You and Middle Finger Designs). Your teens will love having pillows shaped as their favorite foods – Taco, Ranch Dressing, and Ice Cream Cone. The younger ones will adore these cuddly plushies for playtime – Axolotl, Baby Penguin, Donkey, and Snake.

Twelve unique crochet designs included:
* Ice Cream Cone Pillow
* Baby Penguin Plushie
* Axolotl Pillow
* King Snake Plushie
* Ranch Dressing Pillow
* Teddy Bear
* Pink Power Fist Pillow
* Rainbow Power Fist Pillow
* Archie the Donkey Plushie
* Horny Toad Cushion
* Taco Tuesday Pillow
* Roller Skate Pillow

Super Squishy Pillows and Plushies Crochet Pattern Ebook – Using Bernat Blanket Yarn

More Amigurumi

Learn to Crochet an Octopus

Xolo Dog Plush Toy

Bearded Monkey

Baby Gator Amigurumi

Tokyo Olympics

Have you been watching the Olympics. The other evening I saw watching the beauty of synchronized diving. I don’t know anything about the sport except less splash means a higher score, but when they’re in perfect synch, it’s beautiful to watch. They did a backstory about Tom Daley hoping to win gold, as he has been an Olympic diver since he was 14. Of course, that guaranteed that I would root for him, because everyone loves an underdog story. Then yesterday in a crochet group on Facebook, someone posted a story about Daley learning to knit and crochet. Now I’m definitely a fan! Congratulations Tom and his diving partner Matty Lee on winning gold!

As fiber artists, most of us are not Olympians and spend entirely too much time sitting down. Take a look at this great video from Brittany for some great exercises – Yoga for Crafters.

Birthday Sale

Don’t forget, all patterns and ebooks are 25% off through 7/31/2021 in my Etsy shop.

Coming Attractions

  • Have you tried Premier’s new Chameleon yarn yet? New pattern coming soon!
  • August 7-12 – New Amigurumi Bundle from Anvi’s Granny
  • August 1-16 – 2021 Preemie Crochet Challenge 2021
  • August 9-14 – Home Crochet Bundle from Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

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I got a shipment of discontinued yarn, but it’s going fast!

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  2. […] Happy Birthday Gift Tags […]

  3. […] Happy Birthday Gift Tags […]

  4. […] Happy Birthday Gift Tags […]

  5. […] Happy Birthday Gift Tags […]

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