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Product Reviews

Jeans® Yarn

When Lion introduced its Jeans yarn, my sister sent me a link and told me, “anything out of this yarn” for her next birthday gift. I ordered 4 skeins of the Stonewash colorway, and I was not disappointed. The yarn is so soft and drapes wonderfully. The design I came up with was the Denim Dreams Pocket Shawl.  My sister was thrilled to get it! I misjudged the amount and had to order 2 more skeins (actually 3 because it comes in 3-packs). All I could think was dye lot, dye lot, dye lot! To my surprise, you couldn’t even see the difference in the 2 dye lots I used to complete the shawl. This yarn works up beautifully. There was just a tiny bit of splitting as I worked with the yarn but not enough to slow me down. I will definitely be looking for more projects to create with this yarn.

denim pocket shawl


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