Bird Crochet Patterns

bird crochet pattern
B is for Bird, The Burgundy Basket





Duck Potholder Crochet Pattern
Duck Potholder
sir clucks a lot
Sir Clucksalot, The Loopy Lamb
Chick Jagger, The Loopy Lamb
marshmallow chicks
Rainbow Marshmallow Chicks, Nine Inspired
Easter chick applique
Easter Chick Applique, Hookfully






tiny duck
Tiny Duck, Hookfully







baby eagle
Baby Eagle Amigurumi, My Fingers Fly
bald eagle potholder
Eagle Potholder, My Fingers Fly







Lacy Owl Amigurumi, Made by Gootie
Owl Amigurumi, Loops and Love Crochet
Owl Bean, Sweet Softies
Crochet Owl, The Burgundy Basket
Crochet Owl, The Burgundy Basket






owl ornament
Owl Ornament, My Fingers Fly
owl crochet pattern
Owl Eyeglass Holder, My Fingers Fly







P is for Penguin, The Burgundy Basket
Pagin the Penguin, Crochet Wizzardd
penguin butt ornament
Penguin Butt Ornament, My Fingers Fly
Penguin Ski Mask, My Fingers Fly






Penguin Gift Bag, My Fingers Fly
penguin amigurumi
Baby Penguin Amigurumi, My Fingers Fly







turkey crochet
Scared Turkey, My Fingers Fly