animal pattern roundup

Animals A to Z

Alligator & Crocodile

alligator crochet pattern


A is for Alligator from The Burgundy Basket



baby gator amigurumi


Baby Gator Amigurumi from My Fingers Fly



armadillo crochet pattern


Armadillo Tissue Box Cover

Finished tissue cover measures approximately 10.5″ long by 6” wide (excluding head and tail) and fits over a standard size tissue box.


axolotl amigurumi


Axolotl Amigurumi from Anvi’s Granny Crochet



axolotl pillow


Axolotl Pillow


bat plush toy


The Vampire Bat is another design in the You, Me and the ABCs Collection from The Burgundy Basket.



bat crochet pattern


How about this cute little guy, Sir Batwington the Bat from Sweet Softies. 



valentine bat


Valentine’s Day Bat Amigurumi



bat scrubby

Bat Scrubby Crochet Pattern


bat crochet pattern

Bat Trick or Treat Bag Crochet Pattern



bat mask mate


Bat Mask Mate



beaver amigurumi


Bobby Beaver from Cozy Little Mess



beaver potholder


Beaver Potholder


bird crochet pattern


B is for Bird from The Burgundy Basket


butterfly crochet

Butterfly Amigurumi from Loops and Love Crochet

These butterfly amigurumi are so fun to make! Each butterfly amigurumi measures approximately 6.5 inches wide (from wing tip to wing tip) and 6.5 inches tall (from antennae to the bottom of the body).



butterfly crochet


Cosmic Caterpillar and Butterfly from Ruth Haydock Designs

The Hangry Caterpillar and Butterfly are crocheted in the round and use up small amounts of yarn.


butterfly flip-flops


Butterfly Flip-flops

It takes less than an ounce of yarn to decorate a pair of flip flops with a butterfly motif. The pattern is so quick and easy, you can make several pairs in an evening.


simple cat amigurumi

How cute is this Simple Cat Amigurumi from Hooked on Patterns!



mini kitty amigurumi


Mini Kitty Amigurumi from Loops and Love Crochet



cute catsby


The Cute Catsby from Sweet Softies



cat amigurumi


Kimono Kitty Doll from Sweet Softies



kitten pixie


Kitten Pixie from Sweet Softies



catnap kitties


Catnap Kitties from Sweet Softies



cat amigurumi


Jiji the Black Cat Amigurumi from Once Upon a Cheerio 



black cat potholder


Black Cat Potholder




C is for Cow from The Burgundy Basket



cow amigurumi


Mini Cow Amigurumi from Loops and Love Crochet



steer skull ornament


Steer Skull Christmas Ornament


deer crochet pattern


D is for Deer from The Burgundy Basket



reindeer gift bag


Reindeer Gift Bag


dingo crochet pattern


Darcy the Dingo from Ruth Haydock Designs



puppy lovey crochet


Puppy Lovey from Loops and Love Crochet



dog crochet pattern


D is for Dog from The Burgundy Basket




Poodle Eyeglass Holder from My Fingers Fly




Xolo, the Mexican Hairless Dog Plush Toy Crochet PatternXolo, the Mexican Hairless Dog


dash crochet dog


Dash the Crochet Dog from Chai Coffee Crochet



mini amigurumi pug crochet pattern


Mini Amigurumi Pug from Mohu 



husky amigurumi

Husky Amigurumi from Willow Crochet




pug ornament


Pug Christmas Tree Ornament


Duck Potholder Crochet Pattern

Smiling Duck Potholder Crochet Pattern


Elzo the crochet elephant is such a cute little guy. With his striped swim shorts, he is ready to cool off from a hot summer’s day.

If you’re looking for an easy crochet elephant pattern, you will love this guy! The legs and body of this crochet elephant are crocheted in one piece. And even better? You can crochet the arms, tusks, and trunk into your elephant too, so that you just have to sew on the tail and ears! While this elephant is not a no sew amigurumi pattern, it certainly isn’t very sewing intensive!

One of my favorite things about this amigurumi elephant pattern are the ears. Oh those ears! They’re big and floppy and so cute!

elephant amigurumi


Can’t you just picture this little cutie sitting on a shelf in a nursery? So adorable!

This design from Willow Crochet is a very easy crochet pattern, and you’ll only require about 70 yards of grey yarn in dk weight – I used Stylecraft special DK (Graphite) but you can use any brand you like. Once complete this little elephant will only be about 4 inches tall so it’s also a fairly quick project. As with all of my amigurumi patterns I’ve used The Craft Factory Toy Eyes Solid Black – 9mm, you can of course use any toy eyes or black yarn to embroider some eyes on.



elephant crochet patterns


Our Zoo Blog Hop in June was chock full of elephant patterns – 7 to be exact. Oh, what fun you’re going to have crocheting these for the littles in your family!

4 amigurumi elephants, elephant mask mate, elephant lovey, and elephant finger puppets

Zoo Blog Hop Day 24 – Elephants





clown fish


Clarence Clownfish from Crochet Wizzard

Possibly the cutest fish in the ocean!



fish crochet pattern


Fish Amigurumi from Loops and Love Crochet

This tropical fish amigurumi works up super fast and has so much potential for fun color combinations!



Fish towel


Fish Dish Towel

Dad will fall for this gift – hook, line, and sinker. Crochet pattern for a fish-shaped dish towel (or potholder) made with cotton yarn.





starfish baby rattle


Starfish Baby Rattle Crochet Pattern

Crochet a starfish baby rattle for your beach baby! This simple crochet pattern works up quickly in one evening using cotton worsted weight yarn and a 2.5″ round rattle (or 2.5″ teething ring).


leo lion crochet pattern


Leo Lion Amigurumi from Crochet Wizzard’s Adventure



lion dog toy


Lion Dog Toy



lion heart pillow


Lion Heart Pillow Crochet Pattern



moose ornament


Moose Ornament from My Fingers Fly includes a YouTube tutorial


baby narwhal amigurumi

Baby Narwhal Amigurumi

narwhal ornament


Narwhal Ornament Crochet Pattern


octopus crochet pattern


Octopus Eyeglass Holder


octopus tomato amigurumi

What Do You Get When You Cross an Octopus with a Tomato?



Made by Gootie offers this adorable Lacy Owl Amigurumi design.



owl crochet pattern


Loops and Love Crochet has designed a cute little Owl Amigurumi that can be made with any combination of colors. Can’t you just picture this cutie done in scrap yarn?



owl crochet pattern


This Crochet Owl is from The Burgundy Basket’s “You, Me, and the ABCs: Crochet ABC Toys” series of animal crochet patterns.



owl crochet pattern


This little Owl Bean from Sweet Softies is only 3″ tall and is filled with beans.



owl crochet pattern


My Owl Eyeglass Holder pattern uses a crocodile stitch to simulate the owl’s feathers and sits on your nightstand to guard your eyeglasses.

This crochet pattern also has a YouTube tutorial.


owl ornament


Owl Christmas Ornament also pattern uses a crocodile stitch to simulate the owl’s feathers.




penguin crochet

You, Me and the ABCs : Crochet ABC Toys : P is for Penguin from The Burgundy Basket




penguin crochet


Pagin the Penguin from Crochet Wizzardd’s Adventures



penguin amigurumi

Baby Penguin using Bernat blanket yarn

Penguins are so cute and charismatic, naturally they are a favorite among children around the world. Because of their popularity and their tuxedo-like coloring, they’re also a favorite among crocheters. These plush toys also make excellent Christmas gifts or holiday decor.



Penguin Gift Bag Crochet Pattern




Penguin Ski Mask Crochet Pattern

Polar Bear





bear crochet pattern
Peyton the Polar Bear, Sweet Softies



bunny crochet pattern
Classic Amigurumi Bunny, Once Upon a Cheerio
bunny crochet pattern
Some Bunny in the Hood, Once Upon a Cheerio
bunny rabbit cupcake
Bunny Rabbit Cupcake, Sweet Softies
bunny crochet pattern
Some-BUNNY to Love, Sweet Softies
Bunny Bath Pouf, My Fingers Fly






bunny crochet
That’s a “Latte” Bunny, The Burgundy Basket
bunny applique
Bunny Rabbit Applique Motifs, Knit & Crochet Blog
bunny crochet pattern
Jojo the Mailman Bunny, Octopus Crochet
bunny dish scrubby
Bunny Dish Scrubby, My Fingers Fly






kawaii style bunnies
Kawaii Style Bunnies, Hooked on Patterns
buttons the bunny crochet a long
Buttons the Bunny, The Loopy Lamb
Kavaluku Bunny
Kavaluku Bunny, Morine’s Hooked on Yarn
bunny butt coasters
Bunny Butt Coasters, Emerald Cherub Crochet
Bunny Bixie, Chai Coffee Crochet
Easter bunny potholder
Easter Bunny Potholder Raffamusa Designs
rabbit granny square
Rabbit Granny Square Thoresby Cottage
Velveteen rabbit pillow
Velveteen Rabbit Pillow Desert Blossom Crafts
Bunny Pajamas
Bunny Kids Pyjama Memory Lane Crochet
bunny sleep mask
Bunny Sleep Mask Memory Lane Crochet
bunny doll onesie
Bunny Doll Onesie Memory Lane Crochet
bunny applique
Bunny Applique, Memory Lane Crochet
bunny bucket
Bunny Drawstring Bucket, Fosbas Designs





Raccoon & Red Panda

red panda lovey

Red Panda Lovey Crochet Pattern

Everyone loves pandas, and red pandas are especially cute! Crochet this red panda lovey using worsted weight yarn for your little one. Also makes a great baby shower gift.

Finished item measures approximately 24″ square



ice pop holder


Raccoon and Red Panda Ice Pop Holder Crochet Pattern

Use the same pattern but add different faces to make either a Racoon or a Red Panda freezer pop cozy.



sloth crochet pattern


Jack the Sloth

With their cute little smile and their slow-motion movement, sloths are endearing creatures and a very popular crochet project. You can find Jack the Sloth Crochet Pattern at Cozy Little Mess. 



Benjamin the Turtle Nap Buddy Crochet Pattern


Benjamin Turtle Nap Buddy CAL from My Fingers Fly

When it’s naptime, Benjamin folds out as a striped toddler blanket, then rolls back into his shell for a cuddly companion the rest of the day. Your little one is sure to love Benjamin which will make nap time so much easier.


turtle crochet pattern


Sea Turtle Amigurumi from Loops and Love Crochet

Measuring about 6.5 inches long from head to tail, this cute little Sea Turtle Amigurumi is a great size for cuddling and playing with, but it is not too big to sit on a shelf as decoration.


crochet turtle


Crochet Turtle is part of the Crochet ABC Toys series from The Burgundy Basket



turtle earrings


Free Turtle Pattern from My Fingers Fly

The pattern is simple, and it can be made in a variety of sizes. Use crochet cotton for jewelry or a small applique; use sport yarn for a slightly larger applique for shirts, jeans, or hats; use cotton worsted for coasters, or double the yarn for potholders. It’s also great for using up those small amounts in your scrap bucket.




turtle ornament


Turtle Christmas Ornament

Using the same pattern as above but with cotton worsted yarn, you have a cute Turtle Ornament for your Christmas tree.




whale crochet pattern


Whale Amigurumi from Loops and Love Crochet



whale crochet pattern


Whale Crochet Pattern from The Burgundy Basket



whale mobile


Whales of the Universe Mobile from Ruth Haydock



whale crochet pattern


Whales Plush Toy


Zebra Coin Purse Crochet Pattern


Zoo Blog Hop Day 22 – Zebras

I love the contrast between black and white on a zebra, so it’s a favorite subject of my crochet designs. This post has an adorable zebra amigurumi pattern that would be so cute worked in scrap yarn. There’s also a quick and easy zebra coin purse using black and white ombre yarn so you don’t have to worry about the zebra’s stripes.