Pink Ribbon Hat Crochet Pattern


Crochet pattern for an elegant chemo hat with a ring of pink ribbons around it using worsted weight yarn in white and pink.

Skill level: Easy

Finished item measures approximately: 22″ circumference by 8″ tall.

Materials needed:

Worsted weight yarn in your choice of colors
Size G crochet hook

Pattern includes a chart for the ribbon design. Because crochet stitches do not line up perfectly on top of one another, the ribbon design on paper is slightly skewed, but it will line up correctly when crocheted. Rather than have 9 yarn bobbins for the 9 ribbons, I carried the pink yarn through the entirety of the piece. This resulted in a nice shadow effect where the pink showed through slightly. This was completely unintentional, but I like the way it looks, so I left it that way.


pink ribbon hat


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