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White Elephant Exchange Gift Tag

white elephant gift tag

Are you doing a white elephant gift exchange this year? Our family does it every year, and we have so much fun with it.

  1. Invite your guests and tell them to bring a wrapped white elephant gift. Be sure to set a dollar amount limit so that everyone’s gift is the same in value. Often these are gag gifts. (Our family doesn’t allow liquor bottles or gift cards; that’s too easy!)
  2. Each gift should be wrapped. No name tag is needed on the gift, because you don’t yet know who will get it.
  3. Have a designated place for the guests to place their white elephant gifts as they arrive.
  4. Once you know how many gifts/guests there are, write numbers (For example, 1-15 if there are 15 guests) on individual slips of paper. Place each number in a bowl.
  5. Each person draws a number from the bowl.
  6. The player with number 1 gets to choose the first gift. They unwrap the gift in front of everyone.
  7. The player with number 2 goes next. They can either choose the gift player #1 unwrapped or choose a wrapped gift.
  8. If they choose player #1’s gift, player #1 gets to choose a new gift.
  9. The unwrapping and stealing continue until every gift has been claimed.
  10. Designate the number of times a gift can be stolen, usually 2-3 times.

white elephant gift tag

Although gift tags on the gifts are not required, I have a cute White Elephant Gift Tag for you to download if you want to make your white elephant wrapping extra special.

White Elephant Gift Tag





gift tags to download

More Gift Tags to Download



Beer Mug Earflap Hat Crochet Pattern (Women's and Men's Sizes)


A couple of years ago, I made a Beer Mug Hat for the family white elephant gift exchange, and it turned out to be the gift that everyone wanted! Today only you can get the Beer Mug Hat Pattern for only $2.00 in the Ring in the New Year Facebook Hop.

Head over to Crochet Designer Community on Facebook to get your coupon code.

Hidden Treasures Blog Hop


  • 12 Beautiful Holiday Themed Crochet Patterns
  • + 12 HIDDEN TREASURES! (Special EXCLUSIVE Bonus’ from each Designer)
  • Hunt for the Treasure Chest Inside the Bundle and find Hidden Treasures!
It’s the last day of the blog hop, but you can still purchase the bundle here:
Each designer has buried a treasure within the FREE Pattern, and more treasures will be found on the feature day of the hop. Wherever you see this treasure chestclick it to discover what you’ve won!

fair isle beanie


Today’s hidden treasure is this gorgeous Fair Isle Beanie from Stardust Gold Crochet. 

You’ll definitely want to make some of these for Christmas gifts.

12 Days of Discounts

12 days of discounts

Each designer in this event will be offering discounts on their patterns for all of you!

Today is the last day to grab all 12 of these amazing discounts.





Today’s featured designer is Juniper & Oaks – this gorgeous Wall Hanging Bundle for only $9.00.

Click here for the coupon code:





*All deals will begin on the designer’s featured day and run until at least December 12th. Please read all details pertaining to these discounts on their individual feature pages. If you have any issues, please contact the designer directly.


Remaining Paperback Books are 50% off through 12/15/2022

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Do Unicorns Live Forever?
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National Gingerbread House Day

Gingerbread House Ornament Crochet Pattern
gingerbread house gift bag
Gingerbread House Gift Bag Crochet Pattern

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)


Penguin Treasure Map

Click on each photo on the PDF of the Treasure Map to find 8 more penguins.



polar bear butt ornament


Polar Bear Butt Ornament Crochet Pattern



reindeer butt ornament


Reindeer Butt Ornament Crochet Pattern



Christmas gift tag


Christmas Gift Tags




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