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CGOA Chain Link Conference – Christmas in July

Wow! Over 360 crocheters gathered in Manchester, New Hampshire at the Doubletree Hilton for a week of fun, classes, and sharing stories and ideas. The combination of knowledge and talent is astounding! This is my first time attending the conference, although I have been a CGOA member for three years and earned my Crochet Master’s pin last year. Tomorrow I will be attending two classes to expand my crochet knowledge and skills.

To become a member, visit the website at

Crochet Guild of America

Volunteers at the conference yarn bombed the hotel sidewalks and lobby to welcome members.

The conference also includes a market with so many beautiful yarns. My husband told me to bring an extra suitcase; I should have listened! There is a design competition, raffle prizes, and Saturday’s banquet to pin the new master crocheters.

Today I had a free day, so I spent it exploring the city of Manchester, founded in 1784. I love history!

For lunch I found a great sports bar, the Thirtsy Moose. Awesome onion rings along with the Bullwinkle burger! I also ordered dough balls to take back to the hotel. For $4.95, I was really surprised to open the box and find about 30 dough balls with small cups of chocolate and maple syrups. It made a great late-night snack.

Christmas in July

Get a head start on your Christmas decorations with some cute beard ornaments. I made some for my dad last year, but he decided to wear them as earrings. Are all dads that goofy? Anyway, more Christmas decorations will be coming since we’re halfway through the year. Let me know if there’s something particular that you would like to see in crochet.

Download the pattern at

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Next week when I’m back to my computer, I’ll add more photos of the conference and of Manchester. Manchester, NH – CGOA Chain Link Conference

Happy crocheting!