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Zoo Blog Hop Day 6 – Butterflies Plus I LOVE NATURE Amigurumi Pattern Super Pack

butterfly crochet

Yay! It’s finally here! The “I LOVE NATURE” Amigurumi Pattern Super Pack

Amigurumi lovers: you don’t want to MISS IT! 

Wow, such an amazing day yesterday when we received so much wonderful feedback from amigurumi lovers about the “I love nature” AMI SUPER PACK! We know that you will love it too!  With 30+ amigurumi designer patterns that we have hand selected and curated for Nature-themed, the AMI SUPER PACK is perfect for your make list! 

Have you downloaded your copy yet?


There are so many beautiful natural amigurumi patterns that I can’t wait to show you! It is so hard to choose which one to start with! All of them are cute and adorable amigurumi designs, perfect for all ranges of age: from infant toys to home decorations! 

To name few of the designs:

Bunny Nap Buddy by My Fingers Fly

My garden ant by Anvi’s Granny

Rainbow Rebbie by PoppyCrochetDesign

Mommy and Me Seahorse by Loops and Love Crochet

Tiki the tiger by LaCigogne

Toucan by Planet Piu

And the best part is you can have all 30+  nature-themed amigurumi designs with 90% discount compared to regular prices. Awesome, right? But make sure that you hurry up, because you won’t be able to get the “I love Nature” AMI SUPER PACK after 9th June! I really don’t want you to miss it! 

Do you want to save over $130? You can get the SUPER PACK here:

30+ fabulous amigurumi patterns from the world-class crochet designers…ALL FOR 90% OFF. But only 4 DAYS LEFT for this amazing sale! 

Purchase through this link, send a copy of your order number to, and I will send you a coupon for any free pattern from My Fingers Fly.

Included in the bundle is the Bunny Nap Buddy Crochet Pattern. Your toddler can use it as a blanket at naptime, and then it folds up to fit inside the bunny cover for a plush toy the rest of the day.

Zoo Blog Hop – Butterflies!!!

Everyone loves butterflies, and this is the perfect time of year to crochet a few. Today we have 2 amigurumi patterns and a pair of butterfly flip-flops.

butterfly crochet


butterfly crochet


Butterfly Amigurumi from Loops and Love Crochet



butterfly crochet


Cosmic Caterpillar and Butterfly from Ruth Haydock Designs



butterfly flip-flops


Butterfly Flip-flops





Want even more animals to crochet? A to Z Animal Crochet Patterns Ebook is 50% off for the month of June.

Stay tuned all month long for new animal designs.

June 7 will be 2 adorable axolotl designs.

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Flower Round-up

If you’re a lover of flowers as well as crochet, Jo’s Crafty Hook is hosting a flower crochet blog hop from June 1-15.  Visit her blog daily for all the new designs.

flower crochet round-up


Coming Soon

June 14-18:  Summer Crochet Pattern Bundle from Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

Summer Gift Ideas

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Top Handmade Summer Gift Ideas for 2021 – House of Morgan Pewter

UFO Enthusiasts



Alien Abduction Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt, I’m Not Going Without My Crochet

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