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Father’s Day Gift Tag

Are you crocheting as fast as you possibly can to finish a Father’s Day gift? If you’re like me, you’ll barely make it in time! Here’s a cute gift tag you can download.

Father’s Day Crochet Patterns

Smiling Duck Potholder Crochet Pattern

Crochet Pattern Mallard Duck Bottle Opener

Fish Dish Towel

Fantasy Amigurumi Super Pack

Do you like crocheting fantasy animals? Well, the “Fantasy” Ami Super Pack is now live! You can grab the Pack here: https://myfingersfly–

You can have all 30+ patterns (that can make 35 items) in the Pack with 90% off! That means you can save hundreds of bucks to have the coolest amigurumi patterns! Mermaids, unicorns, and dragons are featured designs in this amazing crochet pattern bundle.  

The patterns are handpicked from the most awesome designers in the world including 


Knot Bad Crochet

Blue Rabbit Toys


Lemon Yarn Creations

My Fingers Fly – a unicorn never dies; it just becomes a Boonicorn!

Boonicorn Cuddler Crochet Pattern
Boonicorn Cuddler Crochet Pattern


All the patterns are packed in an ebook with the clickable Table of contents so that you can store and search easily without roaming around your Dropbox or Google Drive looking for the right pattern. 








And yes, there are some new talented designers contributing their fabulous patterns into the Pack. Obviously, it is a great time for you to get to know them and follow them if you love their designs. Big names or small names, they have common things to share: The love with amigurumi, and the talent to create beautiful creations! 

Are you in? https://myfingersfly–


ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)


Whimsical Woodland Animals Crochet Patterns Ebook





Triceratops Baby Rainbow



Zoo Animals Blog Hop

Fish crochet patterns

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cow amigurumi

platypus crochet pattern

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fox crochet patterns

I Love the Beach Coloring Page

Narwhal Coloring Page – Free PDF Download

Red Panda Lovey Crochet Pattern

Spring is Here – Green is the Theme

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