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Zoo Blog Hop Day 10 – Lions

lion crochet pattern

Free Lion Patterns!

Lions are considered the king of the jungle because of their size and strength and because they have no fear of any other animal. This adorable Leo Lion is the spirit animal for Crochet Wizzard’s Adventures. The Lion Lens Buddy is made on an Addi Pro Knitting Machine. Add it to your camera lens so children will smile at the camera. Also included are instructions to make Owl and Unicorn Lens Buddies.

lion crochet pattern



leo lion crochet pattern


Leo Lion Amigurumi from Crochet Wizzard’s Adventure



lion lens buddy


Lens Buddy Addi Pro Pattern



Want even more animals to crochet? A to Z Animal Crochet Patterns Ebook is 50% off for the month of June.

lion dog toy


World Lion Day

Stay tuned all month long for new animal designs.

The animal for June 11 will be the Penguin. You won’t want to miss these 4 adorable designs!

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Flower Round-up

The featured design on Jo’s Crafty Hook Free Crochet Flower Roundup is Rounds of Flowers Coasters by Raffamusa Designs.  Visit her blog daily through June 15 for a new flower design every day.




Coming Soon – June 14-18:

Thanks so much for all the support for the “I Love Nature” Ami Super Pack. Next week we will have a new bundle, the Summer Crochet Pattern Bundle from Nicki’s Homemade Crafts which will include my Unicorn Hoodie for Children for your back-to-school crocheting.

Children's Unicorn Hoodie Crochet Pattern, Sizes 4, 6, and 8
Children’s Unicorn Hoodie Crochet Pattern, Sizes 4, 6, and 8

Summer Gift Ideas

summer gift ideas

Top Handmade Summer Gift Ideas for 2021 – House of Morgan Pewter

UFO Enthusiasts



Alien Abduction Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt, I’m Not Going Without My Crochet

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Addi Fat Cat Pattern

fat cat

Hopefully everyone is staying safe in this crazy new world. Boredom is a serious problem, so I’m working quickly to get new free patterns posted. This cat was done quickly, so please let me know if you see any problems.

Addi Fat Cat Pattern


Worsted weight yarn –

3.5 oz. MC

2.5 oz. CC

Few yards yellow and black

Size H (5.0 mm) crochet hook

Yarn needle

Fiberfil stuffing

Addi Pro & Addi Express machines



On Addi King, cast on CC. Work 20 Rnds.

Rnd 21: 22 CC, 1 MC, 23 CC.

Rnd 22: 21 CC, 3 MC, 22 CC.

Rnd 23: 20 CC, 5 MC, 21 CC.

Rnd 24: 19 CC, 7 MC, 20 CC.

Rnd 25: 18 CC, 9 MC, 19 CC.

Work 80 rnds MC, 25 rnds CC. Bind off.

Fold piece inside itself with nose shaping on outer layer. Close top. Use black yarn to embroider nose and mouth. Stuff and sew bottom closed.

fat cat face


NOTE: If you’re not confident of your skills changing colors on the machine, nose shaping can be done with a duplicate st afterward. Work 25 rnds CC, 40 rnds MC. Then work duplicate st on Rnds 21-25. .






The remaining parts are worked on Addi Pro.

EYES: (Make 2)

Cast on black, work 2 rnds. Change to yellow, work 8 rnds. Close both ends to form a circle. Sew to face with black on top.

fat cat eye

LEGS: (Make 4)

Cast on CC, work 10 rows. Change to CC, work 10 rows. Bind off.

Close CC end. Fold in half and work mattress st from end to center (where it changes to MC). Stuff lightly and sew closed. Stuff MC section and close end. Sew legs to body.

fat cat foot

EARS: (Make 2)

Cast on CC, work 8 rows, bind off. Pull ends tight and sew closed. Fold circle in half. Use MC yarn to sc around top edge – 6 sc on one side, (hdc, ch 1, hdc) at center, 6 sc down other side. Fasten off and sew ears to head.

fat cat ear


Cast on MC, work 10 rows. Change to CC, work 30 rows. Bind off. Fold in half lengthwise and use mattress st to close. Pull sts tight to curl tail. Stuff lightly and sew to back of body. Use a pipe cleaner if desired to bend tail.

fat cat tail

Download PDF at My Fingers Fly

Please share photos of your cats to Instagram.

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Easter is coming up, so check out the free Easter patterns that I posted last year.

Easter Lamb Free Pattern

Easter Bunny Hot Rod Crafts

April in San Antonio – Amazon Giveaway – Free Easter Pattern

National Unicorn Day – Bunny Bath Puff Pattern – Amazon Giveaway



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Easter Bunny Hot Rod Crafts

One last posting for Easter craft ideas. When I was in 8th grade home economics class, I learned a simple craft made with Easter candy, and I’ve made them every year since then for my children and extended family.

Candy bunny hot rod


Based on the candy craft, I came up with a pattern for making the Bunny Hot Rod on an Addi Pro knitting machine.


Bunny Hot Rod on Addi


Worsted weight yarn

   ½ oz. white

   ½ oz. purple

   ¾ oz. black

   Few yards pink

Size G crochet hook

Yarn needle

Fiberfil stuffing

2 black plastic safety eyes

Yellow and pink pompoms




Cast on purple yarn (or color of choice for car). Work 40 rounds, cast off. Stuff and sew both ends closed.

WHEELS (Make 4):

Cast on black yarn. Work 15 rounds, cast off. Sew both ends closed, then sew to car.


Cast on white yarn. Work 30 rounds, cast off. Sew top closed, stuff top 12 rows. Weave yarn through Rnd 12 to close for head. Stuff remainder of body and sew opening closed. Sew bunny to top of car at back.

EARS (Make 2):

Row 1: With pink yarn, ch 5, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in next 2 ch, 3 sc in last ch. Working on opposite side of starting ch, sc in next 3 chs (9 sc). Fasten off pink.

Row 2: Attach white yarn, ch 1, turn. Sc in next 4 sts, 3 sc in next st, sc in next 4 sts (11 sc). Fasten off leaving 12” length for sewing.Sew one ear to each side of head. Weave in all ends.

Glue on eyes and pink pompom to face. Glue on yellow pompoms to front of car for headlights.

Happy Easter everyone!

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