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Zoo Blog Hop Day 10 – Lions

lion crochet pattern

Free Lion Patterns!

Lions are considered the king of the jungle because of their size and strength and because they have no fear of any other animal. This adorable Leo Lion is the spirit animal for Crochet Wizzard’s Adventures. The Lion Lens Buddy is made on an Addi Pro Knitting Machine. Add it to your camera lens so children will smile at the camera. Also included are instructions to make Owl and Unicorn Lens Buddies.

lion crochet pattern



leo lion crochet pattern


Leo Lion Amigurumi from Crochet Wizzard’s Adventure



lion lens buddy


Lens Buddy Addi Pro Pattern



Want even more animals to crochet? A to Z Animal Crochet Patterns Ebook is 50% off for the month of June.

Stay tuned all month long for new animal designs.

The animal for June 11 will be the Penguin. You won’t want to miss these 4 adorable designs!

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penguin crochet patterns


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Flower Round-up

The featured design on Jo’s Crafty Hook Free Crochet Flower Roundup is Rounds of Flowers Coasters by Raffamusa Designs.  Visit her blog daily through June 15 for a new flower design every day.




Coming Soon – June 14-18:

Thanks so much for all the support for the “I Love Nature” Ami Super Pack. Next week we will have a new bundle, the Summer Crochet Pattern Bundle from Nicki’s Homemade Crafts which will include my Unicorn Hoodie for Children for your back-to-school crocheting.

Children's Unicorn Hoodie Crochet Pattern, Sizes 4, 6, and 8
Children’s Unicorn Hoodie Crochet Pattern, Sizes 4, 6, and 8

Summer Gift Ideas

summer gift ideas

Top Handmade Summer Gift Ideas for 2021 – House of Morgan Pewter

UFO Enthusiasts



Alien Abduction Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt, I’m Not Going Without My Crochet

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