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Fantasy Amigurumi Super Pack

Less than 24 hours before the “Fantasy” Ami Super Pack goes away forever! You can grab the Pack here: https://myfingersfly–

You can have all 30+ patterns (that can make 35 items) in the Pack with 90% off! That means you can save hundreds of dollars to have the coolest amigurumi patterns! Mermaids, unicorns, dragons and more are featured designs in this amazing crochet pattern bundle.  

The patterns are handpicked from the most awesome designers in the world including 


Knot Bad Crochet

Blue Rabbit Toys


Lemon Yarn Creations

My Fingers Fly – a Unicorn never dies; it just becomes a Boonicorn!

Boonicorn Cuddler Crochet Pattern
Boonicorn Cuddler Crochet Pattern


All the patterns are packed in an ebook with the clickable Table of contents so that you can store and search easily without roaming around your Dropbox or Google Drive looking for the right pattern. 








And yes, there are some new talented designers contributing their fabulous patterns into the Pack. Obviously, it is a great time for you to get to know them and follow them if you love their designs. Big names or small names, they have these things in common: The love of amigurumi and the talent to create beautiful designs! 

Are you in? https://myfingersfly–

For customers who purchase through this link, you will also receive a bonus ebook – Unicorn Crochet Patterns Ebook which includes crochet patterns for a Children’s Unicorn Hoodie, “I Love You” Unicorn Plush Toy, Unicorn Bobblehead, Elicorn Plush Toy (Elephant Unicorn), and a Unicorn Fanny Pack. Bonus ebook PDF will be emailed during the week of June 27.

Unicorn Fanny Pack Crochet Pattern
Unicorn Fanny Pack Crochet Pattern
Children's Unicorn Hoodie Crochet Pattern, Sizes 4, 6, and 8
Children’s Unicorn Hoodie Crochet Pattern, Sizes 4, 6, and 8
Elicorn Plushie Crochet Pattern
Unicorn Bobblehead Crochet Pattern
Unicorn Bobblehead Crochet Pattern

Crochet World August 2022

Do you subscribe to Crochet World? The August 2022 issue hit newstands yesterday. I’m so excited to announce that one of my designs is included in this issue – Kindergarten Nap Buddy. The toddler blanket is designed in primary colors to resemble a box of crayons. Roll up the blanket after naptime to fit inside a pencil-shaped pillow to become a plush toy the rest of the day.  Check it out on Ravelry!






More Nap Buddy Designs: 

alligator nap buddy
Alligator Nap Buddy Crochet Pattern
rainbow nap buddy
Rainbow Nap Buddy Crochet Pattern
Bunny Nap Buddy Crochet Pattern
Bunny Nap Buddy Crochet Pattern
Benjamin the Turtle Nap Buddy Crochet Pattern
Benjamin the Turtle Nap Buddy Crochet Pattern
Armadillo Nap Buddy Crochet Pattern

Etsy’s Summer Sale

All patterns and ebooks (digital only) are on sale June 22 through June 29, 2022 on Etsy.

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)


Whimsical Woodland Animals Crochet Patterns Ebook





Triceratops Baby Rainbow



Zoo Animals Blog Hop

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I Love the Beach Coloring Page

Narwhal Coloring Page – Free PDF Download

Red Panda Lovey Crochet Pattern

Spring is Here – Green is the Theme

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Benjamin Turtle Nap Buddy CAL Part 2

Good morning everyone! We had a cool front come in this week with gorgeous morning temps. It will be a hot one in the afternoon, but I’ve been enjoying my morning coffee on the patio enjoying the 70-degree weather.

Benjamin is proving to be as popular with crocheters as I had hoped – he’s just so cute! Please share your color combinations on Instagram or Facebook. This week we’ll be making the African flower motifs for his shell and putting them together. Next week will be making the turtle head and bottom flap, then attaching the blanket to the turtle shell.

Part 1 is available at Benjamin Turtle Nap Buddy CAL.

Part 3 is available at Benjamin Turtle CAL Part 3

Free Turtle Jewelry Pattern

Turtle Directions

African Flower (Make 10):

Rnd 1: With Sungold yarn, Magic Ring (MR), ch 3 (counts as dc), dc, ch 1, *2 dc, ch 1,* repeat 4 times, join with sl st in top of beg ch-3. Fasten off Sungold.

Rnd 2: Attach Mild Green yarn in any ch-1 sp, ch 3 (counts as dc), dc, ch 1, 2 dc in same sp, (2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc) in next 5 ch-1 sps. Join with sl st in top of beg ch-3.

Rnd 3: Sl st into ch-1 sp, ch 3 (counts as dc), 6 dc in same ch-1 sp, 7 dc in remaining 5 ch-1 sps. Join with sl st in top of beg ch-3. Fasten off Mild Green.

Rnd 4: Attach Toasted Almond yarn at first dc of any 7-dc group, ch 1, *sc in each of 7 dc across top of shell, sc in sp between shells two rows below in Rnd 2,* repeat 5 times. Join with sl st in top of first sc. Fasten off Toasted Almond yarn.

Rnd 5: Attach Dark Olive Yarn, ch 1 (does not count as st), *hdc in each of 8 sc across side of hexagon, ch 1,* repeat 5 times. Join with sl st in top of first hdc. Fasten off Dark Olive Yarn. Block squares and sew together in the following configuration.

turtle assembly

Each side of the hexagon is 8 hdc with a ch at each end. Sew these sts together. On the hexagons that form the outer edge (as indicated in photo below by arrows), continue this seam for an additional 4 sts.

turtle hexagon arrows


Rnd 1: Attach Dark Olive yarn at any st, ch 3 (counts as dc), dc in next st and each st around. Some hexagons will still have ch-1 sps. Skip these. At seam, work dc dec across both sides of seam. Join with sl st in top of ch-3. Fasten off Dark Olive.

Rnd 2: Attach Sungold yarn, ch 1, sc in same st, *sk 2 sts, 6 dc in next st, sk 2 sts, sc in next st,* repeat around. It may be necessary to manipulate the skipped sts towards the end of the rnd in order to finish with a shell st rather than a sc. Join with sl st in first sc. Fasten off Sungold.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions on this pattern. The pattern PDF is available at My Fingers Fly. If you prefer Ravelry, turtles are the featured animal on June 13 – Benjamin Turtle. Each day in June, a different animal pattern is half price.

Rainbow Nap Buddy

Bunny Nap Buddy Crochet Pattern

More Turtle Patterns

World Oceans Day – 4 Free Turtle Patterns

Free Turtle Earrings Pattern

Turtle Christmas Ornament


National Zoo & Aquarium Month 2021 Blog Hop

Last year I published an Elephant Crochet Pattern ebook, but I just wasn’t satisfied with the amount of patterns, so I added a few more patterns. The ebook PDF is now available on Etsy and My Fingers Fly. Kindle and paperback versions are also available on Amazon. ElephantBookCover

Miles the Jazzy Elephant was so much fun to make; I hope you’ll enjoy him too. Elephant patterns are also available separately on Ravelry, Etsy, Lovecrafts, and My Fingers Fly. Also included in the book is an Elephant Ear Saver Crochet Pattern (free on the blog).

Miles and Benjamin will both be included in my next book, A to Z Animal Crochet. Animal patterns are so much fun!

I still have a few 2020 Crochet Calendars left – just pay shipping. Even though the year is almost half gone, the 12 kitchen crochet patterns can be used forever.

Stay safe and happy crocheting!

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Benjamin Turtle Nap Buddy CAL

Businesses across the country are beginning to open again, and people are returning to work. Do you have a little one who is returning to day care? Benjamin Turtle would be the perfect companion. He’s a cute plush toy that unfolds to reveal a toddler blanket for naptime.

Benjamin Turtle video

This crochet-along will be published in three parts over the month of June:

  1. Toddler blanket
  2. Turtle shell – Benjamin Turtle Nap Buddy CAL Part 2
  3. Assembly – Benjamin Turtle CAL Part 3

Free Turtle Jewelry Pattern

I hope you enjoy making him as much as I enjoyed designing him. Thanks to also to tester Sharon Reid who provided me the beautiful photos.


I Love This Yarn worsted weight

21 oz. Dark Olive

6 oz. Mild Green

5 oz. Toasted Almond

2 oz. Sungold

Size H (5.0 mm) crochet hook


Yarn needle

Two 8-mm black safety eyes

Three 3/4” buttons

Blanket Directions:

Row 1: With Dark Olive yarn, ch 101, hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in remaining chs (100 hdc).

Rows 2-10: Ch 1, turn, hdc in each st.

Rows 11-12: Ch 1, turn, switch to Mild Green yarn and hdc in each st.

Repeat stripe pattern of 10 rows Dark Olive and 2 rows Mild Green 9 times. Then work another 10 rows of Dark Olive hdc.


With Dark Olive yarn, ch 1, turn, hdc in each st across top with 3 hdc in corner. Turn to work down side, work hdc with approximately 3 sts for every 2 rows. Lay work on a table occasionally to make sure it is laying flat; adjust sts as necessary. Turn to work across bottom with 3 hdc in corner, hdc in each unused loop of starting ch, 3 hdc in corner. Turn to work up next side using the same number of sts as the other side. Join with sl st in 1st hdc.


Okay, the easy part is done. Stay tuned for part 2 to make the turtle shell which will hold the blanket. Pattern PDF is available for download at My Fingers Fly. Please feel free to share photos on Instagram or Facebook.

Rainbow Nap Buddy

More Turtle Patterns

Free Turtle Earrings Pattern

World Oceans Day – 4 Free Turtle Patterns

National Zoo & Aquarium Month

Check out my Ravelry shop for 50% off a different animal crochet pattern each day.


Stay safe. Be kind. Happy crocheting.

National Zoo & Aquarium Month 2021 Blog Hop

Turtle Christmas Ornament