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Manchester, NH – CGOA Chain Link Conference – Elf Gift Bag Crochet Pattern

Christmas Elf Gift Bag Crochet Pattern

I recently had the opportunity to visit Manchester for the first time. All my preconceived ideas of New England came true! It’s such a beautiful city, full of history. I only wish I could have stayed longer. The people, the food, the weather – everything was lovely!

Chain Link Conference 2019

I can’t believe that I’ve been crocheting for most of my life but only found out about the Crochet Guild of America a few years ago. The conference was so much fun – meeting other crocheters from around the world, seeing their creations, hearing their ideas for new projects. Talk about idea overload! I may not sleep for a month with all the designs floating around in my head. One of the classes I took was Irish crochet, and I have so many ideas for future projects. For anyone who wants to learn, Susan Lowman does beautiful work, and she explains everything so well. My class piece isn’t finished yet, but hopefully this weekend I can get to it.

To thank all the wonderful people I met and learned from, My Fingers Fly is offering free shipping on t-shirts and leggings for crocheters. Just use code CGOA by July 31, 2019.

This week’s free pattern is another Christmas in July theme. These little elf gift bags are so cute and versatile.



Small amounts of worsted yarn – ivory, brown or black, red or green.

Crochet hook size H

Small pom poms, google eyes, 2 jingle bells


Rnd 1: With ivory yarn, ch 2. Sc 6 in second ch from hook. Do not join.

Rnd 2: 2 sc in each sc (12 sc).

Rnd 3: 1 sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc, repeat (18 sc).

Rnd 4: 1 sc in next 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc, repeat (24 sc).

Rnd 5: 1 sc in next 3 sc, 2 sc in next sc, repeat (30 sc).

Rnd 6: 1 sc in next 4 sc, 2 sc in next sc, repeat (36 sc).

Rnds 7-13: Work even. Finish off ivory. Turn.

Rnd 14-15: With black (or brown) yarn, loop st in each st around. Join with sl st. Fasten off.

Rnds 16: Ch1, turn. Attach desired color for hat. Work even on 36 sc. Do not join.

Rnds 17-18: Work even on 36 sc.

Rnd 19: Dec, sc in next 4 sc, repeat (30 sc).

Rnds 20-21: Work even.

Rnd 22: Dec, sc in next 3 sc, repeat (24 sc).

Rnds 23-24: Work even. Join.

Rnd 25: Sc, ch 1, skip 1 sc, repeat. Join. Fasten off.  

Drawstring: Using same color yarn as hat, make a chain 12″ long and knot both ends. Pull through loops made in Rnd 22 of hat.

Ears: (Make 2)

With ivory yarn, ch 9, 3 dc in 4th ch from hook, 1 dc in each of next 2 ch, hdc next ch, sc next ch, sl st next ch, ch 1, sl st in this ch. (This makes point of ear.) Working down opposite side of starting ch, sl st next ch, sc next ch, hdc next ch, 1 dc in each of next 2 ch, 3 dc last ch. Join with sl st to beg ch-3. Sew one ear to each side of face from Rnds 9-13.

Glue on google eyes and pom pom for nose. Embroidery with straight stitch in pink or red for mouth. Sew a jingle bell to each side of drawstring.

Decorate hat as you wish with pom poms, rick rack, etc. You can sc Rnd 16 of hat with eyelash or bulky yarn to make a fringe. For the elf in the picture with the red hat, I used Yarn Bee Cameo Bulky in white.

This pattern is also available printed on note card at

or as a PDF download at

To purchase the Christmas Goody Bag paperback book, please visit my Amazon page at

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This weekend I will be catching up on housework (and crochet) and resting a bit before we’re off to Houston next week to see Queen and The Rolling Stones. Hopefully I can get my Adam Lambert and Brian May dolls finished before we leave.

Pattern testers are always wanted. Join my Facebook group at

Happy crocheting!

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CGOA Chain Link Conference – Christmas in July

Wow! Over 360 crocheters gathered in Manchester, New Hampshire at the Doubletree Hilton for a week of fun, classes, and sharing stories and ideas. The combination of knowledge and talent is astounding! This is my first time attending the conference, although I have been a CGOA member for three years and earned my Crochet Master’s pin last year. Tomorrow I will be attending two classes to expand my crochet knowledge and skills.

To become a member, visit the website at

Crochet Guild of America

Volunteers at the conference yarn bombed the hotel sidewalks and lobby to welcome members.

The conference also includes a market with so many beautiful yarns. My husband told me to bring an extra suitcase; I should have listened! There is a design competition, raffle prizes, and Saturday’s banquet to pin the new master crocheters.

Today I had a free day, so I spent it exploring the city of Manchester, founded in 1784. I love history!

For lunch I found a great sports bar, the Thirtsy Moose. Awesome onion rings along with the Bullwinkle burger! I also ordered dough balls to take back to the hotel. For $4.95, I was really surprised to open the box and find about 30 dough balls with small cups of chocolate and maple syrups. It made a great late-night snack.

Christmas in July

Get a head start on your Christmas decorations with some cute beard ornaments. I made some for my dad last year, but he decided to wear them as earrings. Are all dads that goofy? Anyway, more Christmas decorations will be coming since we’re halfway through the year. Let me know if there’s something particular that you would like to see in crochet.

Download the pattern at

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Next week when I’m back to my computer, I’ll add more photos of the conference and of Manchester. Manchester, NH – CGOA Chain Link Conference

Happy crocheting!

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First Day of Summer

butterfly flip-flops

Remember those lazy summer days of your youth? I spent my summers in Texas climbing trees, chasing butterflies, catching lightning bugs and horny toads. One summer my dad built us cages for our pet snakes and helped us catch some. My mom would get her ice cream maker out of the garage, and we would take turns churning it. She made many different flavors with fresh fruit, but my favorite was always peach. Last week I bought a peach milk shake from Chik-fil-A just for the nostalgia. It was close but not quite homemade peach ice cream.

We also had “tea parties” in the back yard with lemonade, homemade popsicles, and tuna fish sandwiches. Have your own crochet Garden Party with this amazing amigurumi bundle.

Summer Solstice Giveaway

Shannon from The Loophole Fox has rounded up 25 great summer patterns from independent designers to start your summer off right. Visit The Loophole Fox to get started on your summer crochet vacation. Use coupon code SUMMER2020 from 6/20/2020 through 6/24/2020 to receive these patterns free on Ravelry. I am proud to have my Butterfly Flip Flops included in this fabulous designer roundup. 

Butterfly Flip Flops

Butterflies have always been special to me, so I’m kicking off summer with a butterfly flip flop crochet pattern. I used I Love This Cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby, but any yarn will do. It takes less than an ounce of yarn to decorate a pair of flip flops with a butterfly motif. The pattern is so quick and easy, you can make several pairs in an evening.

YouTube instructions

Materials needed:

I Love This Cotton yarn – ½ oz.

Crochet hook size H

Plastic flip flops


V-stitch: dc, ch 1, dc in same st

Butterfly stitch: Sl st into V-stitch, working from top to bottom around post of 1st dc of V-stitch of previous row, ch 3, 3 tr, 3 ch, sl st, ch 2, 2 dc, ch 2, sl st, turn piece to work around post of 2nd dc of V-stitch, sl st, ch 2, 2 dc, ch 2, sl st, ch 3, 3 tr, ch 3, sl st.


Row 1: Holding flip flop with toe facing you, sc around line strap using 30 sc. Continue to work 30 sc around the other side of the line strap (60 sc).

Row 2: Ch 1, turn, hdc in 2nd st and every other st across (30 hdc).

Row 3: Repeat Row 2 (15 hdc).  

Row 4: Ch 3, turn, sk 1st st, V-stitch in next st and every other st across. Dc in last st. Row 5: Ch 1, turn, sk dc, sc in next 3 V-st, butterfly in center V-st, ch 1, sc in remaining 3 V-st, sl st in top of ch-3. Fasten off. Weave in all ends.

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This week I booked my hotel and flights to attend the CGOA Chain Link Conference in Manchester, New Hampshire in July. This will be my first time attending, and I’m excited to get to meet other crocheters from across the country. Comment here if you plan to attend so we can meet in person.

Besides crochet, and I have also dabbled in poetry since I was a teenager. This week I submitted my third poetry book to Amazon for publication. Yellow Roses is a collection of poetry with many different themes.

Special offer on Ravelry through 6/30/2019 – 50% off any $5.00 purchase